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Pre Fitness training for Police, Navy, Commando, Airforce, Fireman, Swimming training, Water Floating, and Obesity Treatment or Fat reduction training...[COACH/TRAINER]: Kollam Mathews

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Bali Kalari Siddha Marma Chikitsa Gurukulam
Temple of Martial-arts

East of Iron-bridge, Behind Photon coaching center,
Kollam-691001, Kerala,S.India.
('Valley of Bali'...the Mighty Indian Monkey King)

150 meters from KSRTC Bustand (Walk to Traffic signal
and then West to Iron-bridge.
70kms from Thiruvanathapuram(Trivandrum) via NH47road.
Alleppy to Kollam-85kms via NH47 road. Boat service also available from alleppy.
Gurukkal: Kollam MathewsWhatsapp Mobile No:0091-9847553600,7994461146
Affliated to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Govt of India. No.NYK/4915/669/2016.
POLICE permit issued under the Kerala Police Regulation of Physical Training Rules. ,

for all students in India and abroad Adults(Ladies,Gents),Kids available for Kalaripayattu (short-stick, long staff,single knife
double knife, all weapons), marma-sastra(vital spots),Yoga, Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Ju-jitsu, pencil drawing, colouring n painting
Mixed martial arts(MMA), spoken English, Spoken Hindi, Computer courses, Film Acting, Film Direction, Film-editing-
(Video audio editing), Shara sastra(Mysterious Science of breathing of Yogis-1 year course: pay monthly Rs.7000.
You can can control anything and everything and be the master of your destiny.
Secrets revealed now for serious learners...)
since Covid-19(Corona) is on increase day by day. No need travelling from long distance.
You can sit at your home and learn anything and everything with easy videos with explaining
detail audios. Contact in above Mobile number now for enquiry and joining.

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Police Physical Test Coaching:
by Gurukkal: Kollam Mathews

At Bali kalari we give intense training in physical fitness Training to pass Tests for candidates who appear for the various Government sector jobs like Police Sub-Inspecter(SI),Police constable both men and women, pre Commando, Forest-beat, Fireman, Navy, army, Airforce, Airport fire and safety, RPF(Railway police force) Sub-inspector, RPF constable, by making them do
basic & advanced exercise routines by which , one develops Good reflex action, Fitness of body, Flexibility, Mental confidence, physical strength, endurance power, Stamina and speed, and Teaching the right techniques or tips in performing various sports activities with accuracy and perfect timing. Our special Physical Training syllabus brings all the above mentioned advantages, giving physical fitness to the body in a short span of
Duration: 1 week fast-track for Rs.7000
(as many people come to kollam from distant places like Kannur, Kozhikode, Thiruvanathapuram, kottayam,chennai, etc cannot take long leave from thier existing jobs to attend the training. Depending on your requirement. the same package can be taught in fast track in

Duration: 2 weeks time for Rs.13,000.

Duration: 3 weeks time the rate will be Rs.19000.

Duration: 4 weeks time the rate will be Rs.24000.

Accomodation for 1 week will be Rs.250 per day x 7 days ie, Rs.1750.Two weeks rate is Rs.3500.Accomodation for 3-4 weeks is Rs.4500.

So you can choose from the above any four options regarding duration of training. People with Excess Body weight or over-weight can be tremendously reduced very fast, with well-tested proven exercises, loosing up to 2Kgs a week and upto 8kgs a month in case of people with over-fats, and you will become fit as a fiddle and develop an athletic figure or body shape. A Trainee who is trained with us in Martial-arts will be able to make surprising high jumps and clear any obstacles or make a fast sprinting (race or dash) in shortest time or can make better long jumps, high-jumps,shotput throws, cricket ball throws, runs(sprints), shuttle-race, chinning,pole climbing,running with 50kg loaded bags or a human,etc. Our objective is to build up mental confidence in the students, physical fitness or muscle strengthening exercises, and finally to give light on doing the 8 types of athletic or sportive items with a perfect winning method, suitable for priliminary physical training in Police, Fireman, Navy, Military ,commando, women sub-Inspector, Railway Protection force(RPF) physical Test, Central intelligence department, Excise department physical Fitness Test, lady police constable post(vaccancies) like the 100 meters run, 1500 meters run, 2 or 5kms endurance long runs, long jumps, high-jumps, shot-put throw, Rope-climbing, cricket ball throwing, chinning, etc.
Students will be given some guidance on the technicalities of Do's and Don'ts of each items which they should keep in mind, so that they shall not be disqualified or prone to accidents. They will be elaborated on how to achieve or sharpen their skills for a sure winning in areas specified earlier.
With our additional physical Kalaripayat training routines, you have a better chances to become a WINNER or have most chances in getting a SURE SELECTION IN POLICE PHYSICAL TEST, or FIRE-MAN Test, endurance or pole climbing TEST. The trainees (gents or ladies) hands are moulded strong enough through various exercises for climbing up of ropes, or clearing of any hurdles (obstructions or hindrances), etc. Training builds up the morale, improves mental reflex, self-confidence, mind-power, and makes one adventurous and brave, inducing courage or helps in removing lethargy (laziness), evolving them in to good Indian citizens.

Advantages of Training in our center

Mathew Gurukkal (Your Trainer) has expertise in the Traditional treatments of (ayurveda/siddha), holistic(yoga,nature cure) treatments and has experience in the traditional medicines,herbal remedies,etc for the past 3 decades.Also in case due to the strenous practice, if a student develops muscular pains, joint pains, nervous pains, sprains, or uneasiness, or minor accidents, they are attended with care and given herbal medicines to eradicate body pain, and keep the athletes or Trainees in peek condition physically at the time of appearance of police, SI(sub inspector), constable, fireman, commando physical Test held on fixed dates at Trivandrum, Ernakulam, kannoor or elsewhere. Normally when any problem or minor accidents occur to a student, since many unskilled trainers lack treatment knowledge for first-aids, they rush the student to a modern hospital. A trainee or student really do not have to be send to a hospitals for any minor or moderate physical complaints. Here at our center, as Mathew Gurukkal is a specialist in traditional treatment areas, you need not worry at all.Also some people get admission in centers where there are more students in number or batches. Remember it is not the number of students or batches that decide the quality of physical fitness training...but it is the experience of the Guru that makes the winning mark in your Test. The less the students in one batch, more the individual attention is got for an individual person. So don't be in the wrong notion, and be wise to join a proven center like ours which has the expertise of 3 decades.

Hazards or dangers of Self-training without a Guru or coach

People think they can self-train by themselves without guidance of a Trainer. Since they have little is dangerous.I came to know of a young man who was training for high-jumps with two ropes tied to two trees at a height of approximately 1.3 meter. When he made the jump, his leg got stuck in the rope and he landed on his right palm on the ground which got a sprain. The next day was his forest officer physical Test, and due to swelling and sprain in the wrist he could not do his high-jumps and shot put throws and got disqualified. If for high-jumps one use collapsable poles, if the leg hits it, only the poles falls down and the person does not fall in a mis-balanced way. So whatever little knowlege one has sometimes causes great loss of health, Failure in Test, severe pain, mental stress, and Tension. So why take the risk...join our center and be safe. Since the Guru knows in advance the dangers...when a student commits foolishness...he warns the person and keeps him safe.

Devoid of any gender both males or females can join for the Training
. Women are given special Martial-art self defence training to keep-off from molestations,sexual harrasements, brutal attacks (Hindi:prahaar), teasing, gang-attacks, rapes, etc. Training for women help them to resist these social-nuisance creaters or Anti-social elements during their lonely travel in buses, trains, lonely streets, etc. Women, ladies &girls become more bolder, confident and stronger to face any unexpected situations. They can overcome their adversaries bravely with ease.

Physical Fitness Fast-track Training Charges per head: Duration: 1 Week, Fees: Rs.7000
This package is ideal for students staying far.from kollam or outside kerala.
(Home-stay Rs.1000 & Food has to be managed by self) cxv
Book now Later Charges: Rs:

People with Success stories working in the Police/Excise:

Mathew Gurukkal has trained many Police-officials (constables, head-constables), Excise officers in kalaripayat and through which they attained the needed physical fitness, flexibility, speed, perfect timing(accuracy to perform), mental confidence to pass their physical tests and have got posted in various Govt. jobs.They are currently working at kollam & pictures of successful students working in Kerala Police (KP), excise, etc are given below for proofs. From left is Sanil Kumar of Mandrothuruthu , Rtd. S.I (RPF) Railway protection force, Kollam, & 'Abdul Wahab' - KAP of Prakulam, Appu Gopinath, Excise, varkala are few to mention.

Sanil Rtd SI RPF Abdul wahab - Police Constable:KAP Appu Gopinath, varkala - Excise officer

Students who have undergone Physical Fitness Training at Bali kalari, kollam

Students who have completed Police Physicsal Fitness Training

From left is Arun vaishak a resident of Venjarumood, Thiruvanathapuram who has successfully completed the police physical Test training at Bali kalari in March 2013, Akash, a resident of Venjarumood, Thiruvanathapuram who completed Delhi police, Sanilkumar.C.K from Cheraayi, Ernakulam, Bipin from Trivandrum, who attended Pre-police physical Test.Also Jithin kumar, of payyanur, kannur attended police physical Test during the 1st week of Mar 2016. Christy Sam George of kottayam completed training between 17th-24th April 2016.Manu Mohan from kottayam attended 1 week Police constable training during the 1st week of August,2017, Renjith from Paravur completed successfully the training in the 1st week of Jan 2019 and Navaneeth from Badakara completed 2 weeks Physical Fitness training during April 26th-8th May 2019 for Police Telecommunication (Cyber).

Arun Vaishak - Attended Police physical Test at Bali kalari Akash - Police Physical Fitness Training Sanil Kumar - Police Physical fitness training Bipin - Police Physical fitness training Jithin - Police Physical fitness training
Christy kottayam - Police Physical fitness training Manu kottayam - Police constable training Renjith paravur - Police constable training Navaneeth Badakara - Police constable training

Pre-Commando Physicsal Fitness Training completed students

Venkatesh from kochuveli, Thiruvanathapuram who came for pre-commando Physical Fitness Training, had completed it successfully.

Venkatesh - Physical fitness training for commando

Fireman Physicsal Fitness Training completed students

From left Renjul, who attended the Fireman physical Training in the last week of Feb 2016. Akhil, son of Alleppy S.I Mr.Padma kumar completed course in Fireman in 3rd week of Dec 2018.Tony sebastian from Ernakulam, completed course in the first week of Dec 2018. Ragesh kumar from chempakara, kottayam, attended Physical Fitness training course in the 2nd week of Feb 2019, successfully. All the students were able to achieve fast weight reduction and control obesity in a span of 1 or 2 weeks.

Renjul - Fireman Physical fitness training Akhil s/o Alleppy SI - Fireman Physical fitness training Tony sebastian,Ernakulam - Fireman Physical fitness training Ragesh,chempakara,kottayam - Fireman Physical fitness training

Excise Physicsal Fitness Training completed students

Arunraj.R of Vypin, Ernakulam attendend Physical fitness training for civil Excise officer for 2 weeks during the 2nd and 3rd week of October 2018. Bins Babu of kottayam attendend Physical fitness training for civil Excise officer for 1 weeks during the last week of Nov 2018. Appu Gopinath from varkala, kollam attended the Physical Fitness course for civil Excise officer for 1 weeks during the last week of Dec 2018, successfully and also passed the Test and attained a Kerala Government Job very easily by the proper guidance of Mathew Gurukkal and his assistant Shelly.

Arun raj - excise Physical fitness training Bins Babu - excise Physical fitness training Appu Gopinath, varkala - excise Physical fitness training

Airport Fire and Safety Physicsal Fitness Training completed students

From left is Havas Mohammed from Ernakulam attendend Physical fitness training during the 1 week of January 2019. Nikhil from chandanathope, kollam attendend Physical fitness training during the 2nd week of Jan 2019. Vishnu from from alleppy attended course for 1 week during the 2nd week of Dec 2018. Akhil R.S from from wayanad attended course for 1 week during the 3rd week of Jan 2019. Ananthu from oyur attended course for 1 week during the 3rd week of Jan 2019.Subramoniam from chennai(madras) attended course for 1 week during the 2nd week of Jan 2019. Each students were given very tough training in Ladder climbing, Bag lifting and running, pole climbing, etc.

Havas Ernakulam - Airport Physical fitness training Nikhil chandanathope - Airport Physical fitness training Vishnu Alleppy - Airport Physical fitness training Akhil Wayanad - No photo Ananthu Oyur - Airport Physical fitness training Subramoniam, chennai - Airport Physical fitness training

RPF (Railway protection Force Vanita or Women SI and Vanitha/women Constable)
Physicsal Fitness Training completed students

Miss.Keerthana from kollam attended course for 1 week during the 1st week of March 2019 for Vanitha/womens RPF Sub-inspector(SI). On right of Keerthana is Mathew Gurukkal(Fitness expert) and his son Shelly.P.M (Fitness trainer). We also provide training for Vanitha or womens constable Fitness training. By our tough training even ladies/vanitha with obesity were able to loose 2-3kgs to achieve better physique and physical fitness.

Miss.Keerthana, kollam - RPF Physical fitness training

Honourable Shri.VIJAY KUMAR (Inspector General Of Police, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala),
his Son has undergone training in Kalaripayat at Bali kalari, kollam.
Mathew Gurukkal Standing Left with Honourable (IG) Shri.Vijaykumar in center & his son standing on rightside.

AIG of Police image

Swimming Coaching/training for Qualifying in Military/Navy/Police Tests:

Mathew Gurukkal had been a coach(trainer) for students in Yoga, swimming and Air-rifle shooting at 'Ebenizer International school', Ettumanoor, Kottayam. Besides this he knows how to Float in water without moving his hands or legs. He has the capability to teach students/candidates the techniques and secrets in various strokes of swimming like Free-style swimming, breast strokes(Inner & outer), Frog style, Back stroke, butterfly strokes and back butterflies, how to make dives or jumps from the bank of pond, making submerged(under-water) dives and Swimming at the base of pool, method of making a 360 degree front-roll or back-roll in water, etc. Gurukkal of Bali kalari can do almost 50 different yogasanas or poses at a stretch while remaining water-floating. and he has a world-record in the Record setter of World records site in performing yogasanas. He is a pioneer in doing things differently in water, for example: he can swim by using a single roving oar at least 100 meters, read newspaper or a story book lying in water, Shoot arrows in 4 directions in deep water, or fire a Pistol in deep water in 4 direction on targets with ease. He can swim with his hands and legs tied or stand in deep water vertically with hands and legs tied up for 3-5 minutes, which is very deadly dangerous, and it is warned that no one should try this as they can get drowned and die as well. Mathew Gurukkal takes his students weekly thrice and gives a 1 hour class in the 'morning' OR 'evening' for swimming and vaccation Fast Track classes. Mathew has evolved the technique of teaching a student the basics of swiming and is so confident that he can make any Non-swimmer, swim 5 meters within 1hour, 'Gauranteed'. Any unskilled person can attain more confidence and experience by practice for a week or a month. For Fast-track learners, a continuous 7 days - a week practice(training), just for one hour is enough to reach perfection in swimming tactics. Once the basic secrets and perfection of strokes are attained,you can confidently practice independently by yourself to improve your stamina and decreasing the tiredness felt during long distance swimming of 50 meters or 100 meters. Without any gender distinction girls or boys & men or women/ladies are provided training by Mathew Gurukkal provided you have the belief in the words of your teacher and is ready to work-hard. Mathew Gurukkal is perhaps a teacher with difference who teachs swimming faster or fastest in the shortest (least/minimum) time of 1 hour. Now plenty of students(youngsters) who are attending Tests for Fireman/Firemen and people working in Armed Reserve police are approaching him, since it has become compulsory in Kerala & India, for applicants to learn swimming in any of the defence areas like Military, Navy, Air-force, Armed Reserve Police, etc. If you want to save yourself from drowning to death in a boat-accidents, floods, Tsunamies, etc, you must think of learning it now, and never postpond it for tomorrow, as you cannot predict when a boat-accident or floods will occur. If you think the fees is too high....just think what is the value of your life? Is is lakhs? Or Crores? It is worth more...So what we charge is nothing compared to value of your life. The training imparted is worth more than anything in this world. The amount is just a nominal trife-amount for the most scientific-proven, time-tested, teaching methods(trainings) of swimming given to you in a pool or pond. When you join for training I shall reveal many tips to save your life like Do's and Don'ts. Don't forget to ask me that when you are a joiner!
So what you have to do is enter the personal details in form and click 'Submit-Button' below, with details asked. If the Submit does not work for some reason, please email or ring up in the Mobile No. given below. Then visit our center, with a passport size photo, Election-ID proof, further fill in an application and make the payment. That's all.

Swimming : Training Charges per head
Advanced training: 7 Classes - 6 swimming strokes Trained :Rs7000
For those staying far-away. Homestay Rs.1400 extra, Food expense:must be met by self (not inclusive).
Book now Later Charges: Rs:
Basic Training for Kids : 6 classes :Rs5000
Book now Later Charges: Rs:

In some center's they charge Rs.2500 per month. But it takes 4 or 5 months to get well trained and confident in swimming. So if you calculate the total expense for the 5 month training it would sum-up to Rs.10000 and you won't be taught the subject in detail. Also nobody guarantees a perfect coaching anywhere. Here we give a guaranteed training process in a short span of time, under a 30 years experienced Guru, and you save Rs.3000 by advanced training with us. Training shall be provided at a public Temple pond at kollam. For those ladies or Gents who strictly want a 3-star swimming pool facility for training, they must pay an additional Rs.1500 ie, the total cost will come to Rs.7500.
swim image swimming

Students who have undergone training in Swimming at our center

Vinulal:Thumbra Temple,polaythode image Nibin,Kundra..Working at Amsterdam, Holland Amaldev, varkala, image Mihin Tiruvalla, image Danesh Bahrain, image Ambu, kilimanoor, image

Images given above from left is Vinulal-kollam, Nibin-kundra(Working at Amsterdam, Holland), AmalDev, varkala(working at Abudhabi), Mihin-Tiruvalla, Danesh Bahrain(resident of Sasthamkotta, kollam), Ambu, kilimanoor who came for Fireman test to learn swimming and waterfloating. Besides this there are many other students whose images and details are not mentioned here, due to lack of space.
On 14th April 2014, malayalee couples from Banglore, who were IT professionals (resident of Thiruvananthapuram) Mr. Renjit Philip and Mrs.Indu have undergone Fast-Track training in swimming at our center. While Mathew Gurukkal is taking the classes, his son Shelly who is also present nearby also attains the wisdom of training methodologies in swimming.

Renjit, kottayam, image Indu, Tvm, image

Renjith Indu Shelly Mathew Gurukkal

In February, 2017 Dr.Vinil a malayalee from Canada, and a resident of kallada, kollam visited Bali kalari for learning swimming

Dr.Vinil with Mathew Gurukkal

Dr. Vinil is working as a General physician at Canada, and he has learned swimming in Fast-track 1 week course successfully.

If you are a swimming expert, or swimming coach, wishing to do coaching for students in future, we can provide you certificates and give you important tips on how to teach girls or boys, swimming in various schools, or earn a living through teaching for vaccation classes by your own. Get certified or certification from an Internationally experienced Guru rich in wisdom. Course training Fee for concerned subjects will be extra.The cost of Certificates for various other subjects are given below:

Certificates awarded for Teachers Training Courses (TTC) or as Instructors/Coaches

Certificate in Swimming : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate as Yogacharya : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate as Kalari Gurukkal : Rs. 15,000
Certificate in Spoken English : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate in Spoken Hindi : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate in Software programming : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate as Computer Instructor : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate in Traditional Ayurvedic treatments : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate in Traditional Siddha treatments : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate as Therapist (Ayurvedic Body massage -kaithirummu/chavutti thirummu) : Rs. 15,000.
Certificate in Film Direction : Rs. 15,000
Certificate in Film video-audio editing : Rs. 15,000
Certificate in Film Acting : Rs. 15,000
Certificate in Script-writing: Rs. 15,000
Certificate in book-publishing using Pagemaker or Word, photoshop,etc. Rs.15,000.
Certificate in CCTV operation and Security guards
with Self-defence & Fitness training. Rs.22,000.
Duration of CCTV is 1 week and Duration for Self defence training for security Gurards is 2 Weeks. The amount for this course is inclusive with the Certificate issue, where as for the above other courses only the Certificate issue rate is mentioned and training fee is extra. Rates are subject to change from time to time.

Along with Certificates, if you need training on any areas in detail, additional training charges will be charged for the concerned courses, ie, Course training Fee for concerned subjects will be extra.
Check ORDER option in the menu for prices of courses.
The certificates will be issued for those in three days time,who have already the eligibility, or may pass
concerned Online Test or ability test. Certificates will be issued under our center name authorization
"Bali kalari Siddha Marma chikitsa kendra". You have to bring your Election id or Passport original and a copy of the same for verification, along with two passport size photos, proofs of your Basic Educational qualification proving certificate like passed SSLC/predegree/Graduation/Masters degree etc. Also you need to sign an application form that you are being trained at our center and are fit to be a coach. You will have to attend a written examamination, and physical tests to check your ability, to make sure you are qualified, and has the ablilities for any particular area, for which you need the certificates like swimming, yoga, kalaripayat, spoken English, Hindi, Computer training, Software programmer,Traditional Ayurvedic treatment, Gurukula Traditional Siddha treatments, Film direction, Film Acting, etc. For more details contact in my Mobile No. given at the bottom of screen or mail me.

Water-Floating Siddhi known only to Yogis
Training for ladies & gents : Duration: 1 month: 12 classes:Charges per head Rs.25,000
Same package can be completed in Fast-track in 1 week, for those staying far-away.

Book now Later
Charges: Rs:

Some unique great feats are performed by Mathew Gurukkal in water, which none other than yogis can only perform.If you know water-floating, you will never drown in water. All Swimmers need not necessarily know water-floating, but all those who know water-floating, will surely know Swimming.He can lie down in water for several hours together and can even go for a nap(day sleep) in water if needed, provided there are no people causing disturbance in water, and there are no fishes,insects,frogs,snakes, and turtles, etc to disturb or interrupt the concentration. Mathew Gurukkal doesn't want to teach water-floating secrets to everyone as it is a rare Siddhi or Gift or Boon from God. It is a unique Siddhi(miraculous power) which took him several painstaking years of austerities(tapas) to attain in water.But he teaches it to elite, rare honest students, who don't smoke, use alcohol ,is materialistic or has violent attitude. The art of water floating is taught only to spiritual people, who has respect for the Guru, has faith in the Guru and can sacrifice willingly the stated amount shown above.Click BOOK NOW button to display amount.
A six page computer printed notes on Swimming & water-floating will be given to the students who undergo water-floating training.It may take 3 months for some to get the transmission of siddhis, and yet for some to get training by self it may take 6 months with constant practice. Still you may not become equal with the Guru, as Guru is GURU, and disciple is a disciple. Pray to God all the time, that you shall be bestowed with all the siddhis known to Guru and keep practicing with out getting discouraged as guided. Always keep in constant touch with Guru for clarification of doubts. This printed Note is not provided for those who learn only swimming. cannot weigh these Godly gifts in terms of money as it is very precious and got through Guruthvam(respect for the Guru throughout even after completion of the training). The price of training for this siddhi may go higher in the commig few months.
Sit in water - padmasana Sit in water - hand stretched Standing in water deep pool

Recently Mathew Gurukkal has performed the technique of
Jala-veda(Ultimate science of water-floating or Jala-Shayanam). Jala-Atma-Reksha Yoga (Self-defence Yoga in Water) is a sub-division of the 'Jala-Veda', which deals with water-combat operations or martial-arts method in water to over-come adversaries in water. Demonstrations of the same was done for the Mathruboomi Video channel at Arattukulam, Kadavoor, Kollam on 13th Oct 2012. Later this video was telecasted in the 'Mathruboomi News channel', on 23rd Jan 2013, on the occasion of their new Tv-channel launching.In future if opportunities are received from the Navy, Army, military or Air-force, etc for Mathew Gurukkal as a chief trainer as a water-Self-defence training expert, it will also be welcomed. Our State Government and the Central Government, must realize the caliber or specialized rare skills of experts like Mathew Gurukkal, and try to promote it for the future generations to come. Otherwise these precious wisdom will be gone for ever.
Water-Floating chart of various Yogasanas done by Mathew Guru

Water floating chart

Kollam Mathew Gurukkal has now thrown a World water Floating Challenge to anyone who can beat him by displaying all the Yogasanas in deep water, for a prize money Cash award of Rs.25000 which shall be paid to anyone who beats him by displaying his performance equal with him. A panel of selected Judge will rule out with point on both sides. Also there is a condition that who so ever wish to participate against Mathew Guru must remit an amount of Rs.15000 as application for the Match, which shall not be refunded incase the person fails to win the challenge. Otherwise the amount remitted plus the amount offered as cash prize will together be paid to the winner. The challenging match of water floating performance will be done on a fixed date in front of media like Major Newspapers, TV channels, etc. Also the opponent who acccepts the challenge will have to sign an agreement that whatsoever happens to him in deep water like drowning will be his/her own sole responsiblity and the challenger will take no liabilities for any accidents in water which may occur by lack of experience. Measures of safety will be taken by the expert swimmers choosen from public or by informing the fire brigade, navy team, etc if needed. Best of luck.

Ultimate Waterfloating feats with plenty of yogasanas done in deep water

Mathew Gurukkals video of Ultimate Water Floating in deep pond with 4 weapons

Gurukkal demonstrates the twirling of sharp sword, remaining floating in deep pond, and makes a cut on a floating piece of cabbage in water. He also cata-pults pebbles to few bottles filled with water placed on the bank of pond. Besides this he shoots arrows from a bow, to few bottles placed on bank, remaining afloat in the middle of pond.
twirling the sword and making a cut using a sling or catapult in water Using bow & arrow

Mathew Gurukkal also
fires from an Air-pistol to water-filled bottles placed as target on the bank, staying in deep water. These 4 weapon performing techniques in deep water has never been performed or demonstrated till date, anywhere in the world by any Martial-artists, other than Mathew Gurukkal. This is a new world-record at the same time and the videos will be send to Record-setter of world records soon. The God always inspires him to perform more novell ideas and advanced techniques of Martial-arts in water(Jala). The performance needs tremendous mind concentration, body control & timing to make a perfect shot on the target. Hence the name JALA-ATMA-REKSHA-YOGA has evolved for the first time at kollam, in Kerala. It is being warned that no one should try attempting this kind of risky techniques in water unless other-wise you get the right training under Mathew Gurukkal. The training given at Bali Kalari is nothing less than a 'Commando training', as the Gurukkal teaches to senior-most students the stealth techniques of swimming in water, without making the slightest noise, weilding weapons. The Martial-artists learns to handle a variety of weapons, including Air-guns and also are adept in dealing an antagonist empty-handed against any weapons. These training are nothing less than the commandos, as they are also taught the guerilla war-fare tactics, setting traps, catching fishes or animals with traps, etc which are imparted only to the most elite students and most honest students. Any Serious learners can approach him for attaining any of the skills on weaponery, water tactics, etc.

Pistol loading Gurukkal loading the Air-pistol Air-pistol aiming in water

Jala-veda book with Water-floating secrets revealed
Jala veda book image
Book now Later Charges: Rs:

The 'Jala-veda' book consists of 20 pages, in English, which can guide a person by self in attaining the siddhis. A recent 2nd Edition of the very rare book was also released by the end of Feb 2016. It reveals the step-by-step process of learning water-floating and all other water related siddhis, known only to yogis. Those who do not want to train directly under Mathew Gurukkal, but want to learn by self can also order the book for Rs.8500. But for water-floating students who wish to train under Mathew Yogi(Training Fee:Rs.15000), the same book shall be granted by him at the end of course for Rs.500. Note that the training fee for guidance in attaining the siddhi is mentioned above. You can order for the course by online means as well. A translated Malayalam version of the same Jala-veda book in English, which contains 34 pages was also released on March 15th,2016. It is also warned that the person having a copy of the Jala-veda book must not duplicate or distribute it without the consent of the Author. It is legally punishable under the copyrights act to the maximum extent, as it is higly confidential, and not to be granted to layman..

Mathew Gurukkals Water Floating video on

Kairali People-News video on Water-Yoga that came as Special News on 20th July 2012:

Students who have undergone water-floating training at our center

Reji mundakkal image Sea water floating image

Shown above is the image of Shri.Reji, a business man of kollam, resident of mundakkal, settled at Ernakulam. Here water-floating in the sea at Tirumullavaram, under the keen guidance of Mathew Gurukkal is demonstrated. Reji is also able to do water-floating in fresh water ponds as well.

Anil Tirumulavaram image Arathi Tirumulavaram image Ambu, kilimanoor image shafees, thodupuzha image raghavan, vallikeezhu image

Shown above left is images of Anil, a business man of Tirumullavaram and his daughter Anila. Both were initiated in the secrets of water-floating techniques. Besides this two students who joined for fireman water floating training named Ambu, of kilimanoor , Shafees from thodupuzha and Sreeraghavan of kollam successfully completed training from Shelly Mathew, son of Mathew Gurukkal.

A Tree-house at Bali Kalari for Meditation, course studies & relaxation

A Tree house was constructed at Bali Kalari permises in Sept-2012, for the tourists or guests or Martial-art enthusiasts who visit us for training or treatments. Now students and guests can Relax or Meditate or have food, or a cup of coffee or have a night stay on tree-top. Vegetarian Kerala style food is served on the tree-top hut & one can enjoy the fresh breeze and serene atmosphere amidst the kalari or practice Air-rifle shooting or Archery or use catapult from the tree-tops to targets placed below. Guests can watch a Kalaripayat demonstration from the tree house and take stills or videography from a beter angle on tree-top. For more details of 'Weapons', its training and weapon images, click 'WEAPONS' on the MENU above.
To know the PRICES of weapon-training, yoga classes and treatments, click ORDER-FORM on MENU-BAR.
Tree-house at Bali Kalari

You can have some
book-reading or take a short nap during day or relax in nets tied across trees.
Tree-net at Bali Kalari

Diploma Course in CCTV operation for Security Guards witth special Self-defence training

Diploma course in CCTV operation is trained in 1 week, for those seeking Jobs abroad in companies as Securiy guards likes Gulf countries, America, England, Australia, etc, is provided at Bali kalari. Practical hands on experience in operation of CCTV and how to take backup of videos, motion detect settings, etc will be trained. Theory notes has to be written in note books by each applicant or student who are trained as security on CCTV (Closed circuit Television). Also special training in self-defence is taught for securities with knowledge on unarmed combat, how to keep tress-passers disabled by hand locking tactics, and advanced armed combat like art of attacking with short-stick(kuruvadi), physical fitness training, etc is provided. This cctv and self-defence training course will help you to attain security Jobs with surety and make you confident to face confronting situations with coolness.Also valid certificates will be provided for the candidate.

cctv training Closed circuit television cctv training Closed circuit television

Course Fees for Fitness: Rs.7000, Self-defence: Rs.10000, CCTV: Rs.5000
Total Fee: Rs.22000. Duration of course: 3 weeks.

Obesity or Over-weight(Amitha vannam):

Fast-Track Special Weight reduction programme :Duration: 1 Month, Weekly 6 classes, 5 hours daily : Fees Rs.25,000 per head
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Charges: Rs:

Economy Weight reduction programme :Duration: 1 Month, Weekly 3 classes, 2 hours daily :
Fees Rs.10,000 per head
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Charges: Rs:

James coimbator obesity treatment

The package contains Physical fitness exercises, yoga training, kalaripayat exercises, water exercises in a pond, weekly once Herbal oil body massage, and intake of natural herbal decoctions.Even those people having problems of Obesity or Over weight(Amitha vannam) can easily loose weight and get fitness of body in a short span of 1 month. Excess fats from the body melts away quickly in the tight training schedules. For Economy training programme, 3 days weekly practice of 2 hours. will be provided. It is suitable for local people. Fast-track special training programme of weekly 6 days is ideal for people staying away from kollam or outside kerala. You get maximum benifit in the minimum time. Dieting in food alone does not reduce body weight. With our exercise routine, you need not go on Fasting or hard dieting methods.A regular training routine of time tested physical exercises are given for each student depending on their age, body structure, health aspects, etc. Accomodation shall be provided for people comiing from distant areas at our residence, and the room rent is not inclusive in the package. Sundays will be a day of rest for students and they can do their cloth washing, leisure jobs, reading books, going for outing, purchasing in nearby Business Malls, etc. Food can be taken from economically charging nearby hotels, or 3-star or 5-star hotels of your choice. What to eat and what not to eat shall be adviced by us at the time of joining for courses.
Your body will look younger with stronger Muscles,abs(abdomen). You can reduce your tummy(stomach) faster with more powerful exercises. Special classes with proper guidance to overcome Obesity is given with special attention for each individual on Fast Track too, at Bali kalari, Kollam, Kerala. Practicing Kalaripayat(martial-art) boosts up the mental confidence and elevates spiritual realms helping spiritual progress through Meditation and Yoga.
Don't just go to any Instructor who offers lower fees, as they don't know the state of mind and body of a Trainee/student, and they can make you do over-exercise not taking in to consideration your disease,age, body weight, your body-mind stress, etc, which may lead to an increased BP or cardiac arrest. Mathew Gurukkal through his everal decades of experience, always has a keen watch over the Trainees state-of-mind & body, the stress occuring to it, and understands the level of each one's endurance or bearing capacity and gives proper rest or relaxation at needed intervals. A right potion of breathing techniques mixed with meditation is given for each person with a loving care.
People with
diseases like diabetic, cholestrol, Asthma, bronchitis, Blood pressure(BP) can also get positive results through systematic Pranic kalari & yoga training. Special classes are conducted for youngsters, old,ladies & gents.

For Enrolling in for training in Physical Test/Swimming/Waterfloating,
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complete personal details & click on the checkboxes below to ORDER

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What Mode of payment would you choose to remit the cost for course training?

Cheque in favour of Mathew.P.C in my address
Demand draft in favour of Mathew.P.C in my address
Western Money Transfer or Any Online Bank transfer in favour of
Mathew.P.C, Andhra bank A/c No-046010011004203,Chinnakkada,Kollam,Kerala,India [IFSC Code:ANDB0000460]
Cash payment - by hand
Gpay to +919847553600
None of the above

Please type in your querries regarding enrolling for the courses. Describe about the kind of Training you require, your arrival date, Time-availability, kind of Accommodation needed or Food to be arranged in advance near the Kalari(school), which shall be done at your expense, and payment for same, to be made in advance. You can describe the perod of stay here, or state reasons for having an online study, etc

Ba'li Kalari Siddha Marma Chikitsa Kendra, H.O: Iron-bridge,
Branch: Mukkadayil House, Near L.P Govt school, Panayam, Perinad, Kollam, Kerala, India

Director:Mob: No: 91-9847553600, 7994461146 Asst:Inst (shelly):9207976836

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